Writing Is With Us To Stay

Why the Art of Writing will never Die

The writing process has a long history, which emerged from three different sections of the Globe during ancient time. The Mesoamerica, the Near East, and China are solely responsible for this remarkable procedure.

Ancient Mesoamerica used a type of multiple shaped clay tokens, which was a form of counting and accounting system. Conversely, the Ancient Roman writing of the Near East emerged in the process of writing which brought forward the foundation of Mathematics and astronomy plus the creation of the wheel. China Shang Dynasty invented the method of engraved oracle texts corresponding with turtle shells and animal bones. From these actions sprang the gradual transformation of the evolution of writing from then to the present day.

What is Writing?

Writing which is the act of placing one letter upon another to sketch in order to form a word or a sentence which is to express communication in order to convey an understanding or a conclusion to the mind of the reader. This act of man furnaces as a non-verbal communication with the use of a pen, computer or other devices such as a phone in the form of text message, or of a similar order. We write to express ourselves to others, to persuade them to act accordingly or opposite include stimulating their interests and also to inform and entertain. It helps us to learn, think and understand include reasoning plus it helps others to enjoy mental stimulation, which can be similar to the tasting of food that may be enjoyable or not.

Through the use of writing, we influence the action and mental process of those who read, provide evidence that convinces, analysis, support or against an argument in order to arrive a satisfying conclusion. Today, many will write for several reasons, some for fun and entertain, there are those who write just for the sake of writing, while others just write for the love of it, others write for a living, if one was to ask a person why he or she writes we may receive a variety of different reasons.

Writing and Reading

Speech which is our primary form of communication, which correspond to a variety of languages from nation to nations. Back in the days before schooling, human knowledge was very limited moreover, they had other specialized knowledge, such as hunting and fishing include agriculture, but the birth of writing paved the way for an increase in knowledge. Ordinarily, writing existed long before reading, which commenced in the form of sketch such as the drawing on caves by prehistoric man and due to man crave for understanding and knowledge reading came into existence.

Writing is associated with reading, for where there is a writer there is a reader as well. If no one ever reads what is written then the action and the process would be considered completely worthless. They both go hand in hand like a marriage, conversely, such as a husband and wife. Through the reading of writing, man has become more intelligent through the process of information sharing which brought forward the process of books and from the reading of those books written by those who have experienced and mastered certain topics that are of interest to others. Through the reading of writers sprang academic learning, libraries where writers work goes on display and are being read by others.

Not Even the Future Technology will Surpass Writing

Today with the growth of the internet, there has been a massive expansion in the field of writing in the form of websites, blogs, eBooks, reports, other online publications such as e-zine and the prominent use of the emails. Writing is an ongoing process that is commenced at any moment of time all over the world. It has been man basic form of communication moreover, even though verbal communication in the form of telephones that are wired or wireless include the various video media have taken a domination role, writing still thrive include the readers. With the growth of writing emerged Authors, and Writers of different discipline include Bloggers, they could be independent as a freelancer and others write for media or publishing houses.

Today the emerging of digital writing platform which we utilize on a daily base such as snapshot, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn include others all correspond with writing, which are simple words that are placed together to form a word or a sentence on these platforms. Nerveless, the concept and usage of writing have not changed as this is incorporated into these Digital landscapes. This goes to indicate that the fine art of writing will remain consistent.

It has been said that due to the expansion of the telephone systems, videos, computers, and other devices writing have no future and it shall cease to exist someday. This argument seems to have no foundation as a man is always hungry for news and crave for information and entertainment, plus the educational systems of many countries would lose their influence and cease to exist since they were founded on the expansion and establishment of writing which exist in the form of books and other educational materials.

Writing Improves Learning

Writing today in the classrooms of either kindergarten, Primary Schools, High Schools include Colleges and Universities is a vital procedure as students learn to improve their communication skills, which is important for self- understanding, encourage, exploration and creativity. It helps assist the educational development and include improvement plus thereby strength the memory in order for it to remember recent materials.

Male and Female Writers

There is some difference between a male writer and a female writer due to the different ways both sex uses their mental capacity. A man tends to construct more arguments with a force which seem like a combative approach. Possibly it has to do with the macho man mentality that most men possess while the writing styles of the ladies are smoother, graceful, and elegant with fewer arguments which seem to include the image that women wish to portray. Men and women may write differently due to the relationship between language and gender. Today with the amount of information and data that we possess in computers, the question about the difference between the writing styles of both genders cannot be answered straightforwardly.

Writing and the Future

Jobs in the field writing would cease to exist, plus there would be a massive growth of ignorant civilization who would not be unable to spell their own names. Before the birth of the telephone and internet snail mails were the in the thing, we wrote to friends and family who were a far, we had pen pals who we wrote to about anything in general on a regular base, there was also the writing of postcards. Writing is the foundation of society which is what we have grown up with and what we have always done and will continue to use, notwithstanding what new devices come into existence tomorrow or the near future. In all fairness, the fine art of writing will still be very useful and important in tomorrow generation which implies that writing is here to stay until the final day of life on this planet.

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