Why You Should Visit Panama

Don’t Know Where Next To Visit? Try Panama.


One of the most popular travel destinations of Latin America is called the Republic of Panama

Panama is the country that every traveler should visit before they say goodbye to this world. If you have witnessed it all and ready and say to yourself, “There is no more enjoyment in life”, relax friend, just pack your suitcase and head to Panama. This country has no nightmare nor do you need to shell out a wad of dollars to enjoy oneself, with your family or friends. Panama is famous for its Panama Canal that is an essential shipping route that enables millions of ships to sail from the Pacific to the Atlantic or in either direction. This enables ships to save millions of dollars on fuel, conduct more trade, ship more goods and save them essential time. The Canal is a famous tourist attraction and it generates millions of visitors each year. It is indeed a must examine as it is a unique view that you will not witness anywhere else.

This Spanish speaking country is one of the cheapest places to spend a holiday, set up a business, work or even make it a permanent resident. The Spanish population has a good number of bilingual citizens so if you do not speak Spanish it will not be a hindrance. They also possess a magnificent hybrid culture of European, Native Panamanian and African, this diverse culture has coupled in Panama and comes with its marvelous cuisine include it four different climates, depending on where you choose to be. It is a country that gives you a choice of hot sunshine, cool breeze, quietness, and cold mountain air, the noise of civilization or just peace and quietness.

A Place for Expats

Panama has experienced a flood of expats from North America, Europe and various places on this planet, plus more are entering its doors in order to enjoy the good life either for a vacation or a temporary stay and possible permanent one. Imagine lying in a hammock with a book or laptop plus a cold case of beer resting nearby as the cool breeze blows and the sunshine feels like heavens from the sky. This is Panama in its finest state.

Mountain Life

If you crave for a cool and pleasant mountain life, bird watching and fresh green sentry, just head over to El Valle de Anton which is generally named Anton’s Valley or El Valle, it is a little over an hour drive from Panama City plus It is home to hundreds of species of native birds and the mountains are surrounded by cloudy forest include a heaven of butterflies, orchid, lakes, waterfalls, beautiful view and it is a great place for those who love to hick. One thing for sure boredom is not an opinion nor will it exist. Aside
from  El Valle there are more mountain communities such as Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta, Santa Fe and more.

Beach Life

Maybe you are one of those persons who are into Surfing and Snorkel or possible boating and fishing if this is the case then consider heading to Bocas Del Toro to run barefoot on the white sand beach which is on the Caribbean side of Panama. There is also a beach town called Coronado which is by the Pacific side for those who wish to bathe in the sun and take an occasional dip in the ocean or just walk on the black and white sandy beach or jump in the Pacific sea.

City Life

Prefer the hustle and bustle of the city and the enjoyment of nightlife, then Panama City which is the number one major city of the ten that Panama possess is just right up your alley. Enjoy a visit to the Museum, enjoy a visit to the theater, have fun at nightclubs which are plentiful, ordinarily they are one of the places that you can really have a marvelous time provide you are in this sort of entertainment. Best of all are the ladies which are so ordinary and they seem to outnumber the men population so if you are a male I am sure you shall find that long-lost sweetheart you have been searching the globe for or you believed did not exist and moreover, if you are a woman you shall be in for a surprise. There are casinos that rival with the famous Las Vegas, in the United State, moreover, if you possess a pile of money and want to rake a windfall or conversely an up and coming biding gambler or seasoned professional who do not mind losing your shirt, then one of the casinos is a welcome visit for you.

Ancient City

In case you are tired of the modern skyscrapers that stand boldly in the air of Panama City and don’t mind the distance which is short then trend over to the old colonial style district which was once plundered by the famous pirate Captain Henry Morgan. Casco Viejo as it is famously called or by other names which are San Felipe and Casco Antiguo. This famous ancient location was established in 1673 and it is amazing that it is still standing magnificent tall. This district was designated a World Heritage Site in 1997 Furthermore, It is considered one of the hippest neighborhood include one of the most stylish parts of Panama City. The old district is worth a visit and you will be in awe of the skilled architect work that the structural engineers of the past design.

A Place For Everyone

Lovers of the wild are in for a thrill because rainforest does exist in Panama and they can enjoy an occasionally drizzles or showers include dampness from the rain if they are one of those people who love this sort of things. A visit to this part of the country will offer you a grand chance to see unique animals and plants that you thought did not exist outside of Central America. There are Jaguars, Anteaters, Monkeys, Toucans and yes Snakes all freely roaming in their natural habitat. If you are one of those Indiana Jones, you will enjoy a proper adventure in the rainforest hiking trails of the deep bushes of the hillside and forests. There is indeed a lot of jungle for any Adventurer additional there are also natives that live in straw huts in the deep jungle away from modern-day civilization, they are very friendly and you might be invited dining in their village on jungle dishes, do not worry my fine friend you shall never be the dinner.

This unique country does possess these things for the visitor to enjoy depending on what they fancy and more, so consider making Panama your next travel destination. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee that you will enjoy one of the best time of your life and after this, you can raise your hands to the heavens and state, “I have seen it all.”

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