So You Want To Be A Writer

Here What It Takes To Be A Writer

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You may have considered becoming a writer and wondering if this is for you and your brain is possibly full of questions. Well, I can answer some or most of what goes on through your head.

There could be dozens of reasons why one choose to become a writer. A person may decide to become a member of the noble professional, because they may have discovered that they possess the talent for the fine art of penmanship. For others, there is the possibility that the desire for a change in career surfaced. Whatever their reasons, the same procedure applies, no matter if there is the possession of a College or Universities degree, a High School graduate diploma or someone from a different discipline seeking a change.

Always Read and Write

The principles of reading and writing a lot, for with the action of reading the mental process is developed for the smooth outlet of words when one writes. If the desire to read and write is not obtained then there is no hope that the dream to be a writer shall be fulfilled. Reading and writing go hand in hand similar to a cup and a saucer, for one cannot do without the other.

Any person who chooses to pursue this professional should read a wide variety of books on different topics include other reading materials such as journals, magazines, the newspaper and more. Reading a wide selection of material is a must, in order to ensure that the brain intakes a comfortable amount of knowledge in order to undertake the writing procedure. One should possess a bit of knowledge of everything but never an expert at anything. Which means a little of this and a little of that, a bit of science, technology, religion, arts and whatever else in the field of life. Learning is exact an ongoing process, so be informed about this and that. Keep in mind that we in this professional transport information to others who have never heard of it. We transform a few words or pages into a new universe inside the brain of our reader’s imaginations. Therefore, never stop learning and keep an alert and open mind for information so that the brain is up to standard for writing a words that creates magic castles.

Write a Great Story

No writer can do without good stories as they are necessary for the fulfillment and survival in this craft. The writing doesn’t matter as long as a great story is told. Who would want to read a boring story? Of course not I nor any other person on this planet. Therefore, write a great story, so that it can be enjoyable for the readers and that it gets talked about including the desire to share it with others so that it spread far and wide to the eyes and brain of others.

Don’t be Lazy or Afraid

In the professional of writing one can become wealthy if they have mastered and applied the noble professional properly. Then again one can become poor and feel useless if one is lazy to read and lazy to write. This negative emotion can be overcome by simply making a decision and taking action to fulfill this obligation, which is just reading and writing.

Establish patience by developing an emotion of iron so that one cannot be afraid of anything. Visit the morgue and inspect the dead, observe the beggars, have a good look at poverty and also examine wealth, use the eyes as much as the brain to drawing information about anything so that your writing is good and that you brain can describe and write about anything.


Master the art of research and learn to dig for gold online, through books, journals, from the horse mouth or wherever the information can be found. Without the art of research, the art of writing would remain still. No new ideas, no new concepts, exact a bag of wind, nothing. Have you seen the grand picture? Research is vital for the writer to manufacture a story and design it in a grand way so that it is up to date with time. Yesterday information is good and so is today, therefore we need to locate ideas from the past to see if they fit with the concept of what we want to create then merger them with the present and viola there is a grand story.

Expect Changes

Today with the explosion of technology such as the internet and the adoption of the computers, tablets, and phones, there has been a shift from the fine pen and paper which was once the original tools of the trade. This result in more reading and writing conducted in cyberspace. Truss there is a large follower in the field of reading and writing today. The advance in modern science has certain brought changes.

Publish your work

Publish something and do not horde up with piles of work that no one ever saw, do not be a miser. Share your work, build a blog and let others read and enjoy. In so doing you might become the next big name on the horizon. Imagine what would happen if you wrote a book and then you discover that a number of movie production companies, books publishers and even the media want to use your work in their movies or possibly give you an interview and so they are banging on your door. Wow! Wouldn’t that be grand!

Become a great crook

Another big thing is to become a great crook by plundering and raiding the work of others. However, do not steal their words, never do that, never copy other persons words, sentences or grammar in exactly the same order as they have written it or you shall find yourself before the Court and judgment shall be enforced upon you. Consequently, the greatest authors on this planet are exact great robbers, they steal the concept, idea, principles, thoughts, philosophy, code, rules, and belief of others and transform them in words of their own. This is what makes them great writers with such big names. It is exactly okay to steal the work of others but never their words.

Set Deadlines

Set a deadline for the complement of your honorable work, do not be distracted by the beauty of life nor the lovely lady down the street. Focus, pay attention is exactly the order of the day by simply getting the job done. The deadline must be attained all other issues should take second places include our wives and sweetheart. Simply the job, the job at hand and nothing else but the job, that’s what the writer should be concerned about. Getting that job done is exactly the thing to do no matter what and at whatever cost.

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