So You Think It Is Easy To Be A Writer?

Writing Is Not Easy To Endure

A writer taking a break from work

This is not to discourage anyone from becoming a writer and like every other career, the job of a wordsmith does come with a list of problems and it is important to point out the pitfalls so that steps can be enforced to avoid them and implement alertness.

Every enthusiastic individual looking toward a career in this field should know what they will be getting involved with, in spite of it issues, fortunately, this career does have its rewards, and it can be very handsome. No wonder so many are engaged in this fine art of penmanship, even though it is not easy, fortunately, many are in love with this endeavor.

Whenever you observer a writer at work, you may think that they possess an easy endeavor since the picture you viewed shows that it is just a matter of fingers softly keying on a laptop or desktop keyboards. The large executive desk may be cluttered up with four or more open books, a number of journals, a dictionary plus a thesaurus include several opened windows on their computer browser screen. The onlooker’s mind may assume that a writing life is so easy, due to the comfortable settings, the neat office, soft chair, cool desk and possible the view of a nice cup of coffee or tea resting by the side. Eventually, the projected mental image of the viewer may be filled with envy and wish that they could be into a similar grand working environment. Eh! This is exact far from the truth my friend.

A Writer suffers from a number of grudging problems that is a part of their work environment. It is like a complete package that comes with the job, thus, every career has their problems no matter if it is physical or mental. An Accountant, an Administrative Professional or any similar setting will suffer from work-related issues as a writer but not exactly in the same order. A Farmer, a Builder or any employment that are related to the physical labor force may have their own pains on the job but the work of a Scribbler is much harder.

Back Pains

Many writers suffer from chronic back pain or by another name pisiforms syndrome from sitting in a crouch before their desk in their armchairs. You may be laughing in your head and saying, “Ha! Ha! Such a sissy thing won’t affect this fine structure that I own” or “that’s not a big issue”. Well for your information such things take time to develop and once you possess this malady, it shall become a big deal. The seconds, minutes and hours of sitting up thinking, plotting and planning, researching, writing and typing in the seat of any chair for a long period, such as early morning and still at it until late at night can ensure the development of this dramatic effect on the dear back of any sitters. Ordinarily, writers do suffer greatly in this department.

Nevertheless, lower back pain can affect anyone in any field of employment for a different reason, this pain is linked to the spine between the vertebrae, spinal cord, and nerves and other parts of the lower back. It doesn’t matter how easy one sit in the comfortable office chair or even if one was trained to sit properly.

Eyes Strains

The eyes are our light to observe the beauty of the universe that our almighty God has given us, however, the drugged job of a writing specialist can take their toils on this fine gift that they own. So many writers spend hours in front of their computer and as a result, they acquire issues such as dry eyes, blurry vision and yes eyestrain.

Eyestrain is no joke but the reward for completing that masterpiece article, novel, or top secret document is extremely profitable and the life of a writer is simple, “write or die”. There the bills to pay, there the fine things that their family need. Sacrifices have to be made and so they are at it clattering on their computers deep in the nights.

Tired brain

Mental exhaustion does sneak up on writers, moreover, this results in physical fatigue and it can cause all kind of disorder such as not able to operate a vehicle properly due to improper focus. Furthermore, it can lead to a dramatic effect on the body, consider that the mind is in control of the anatomy, therefore if there is any mental tiredness it spread to the rest of the body. The life of a writer can be demanding, the freelance work, social engagement, family attention, include the writing to survive, notwithstanding, the sacrifices made all in the name of enrichment, social recognition, stardom include the praise and glory that comes with it.

The toil of enforcing endless work and not enough time, demands, interruptions, attention shifts. Too many decisions to be made, events happening and no time to rest or pause. The task we take on exceed our capacity to deal with it all. The brain gets tired and everything else in our whole body.

Writer’s block

Writer block may allow a writer to have unfinished jobs for weeks and days at a time and it may eventually drag them into the poor house, as a consequence, there is the possibility of starvation. Some quite completely, however, others soldier on, so in this business, one needs to be mentally tough. Writer block is like, “Oh! My God I do not know what to write today”, and there is the possible a slight scream for help or head banging on the wall. It is a matter of a dead brain, no idea can surface, no brainstorm, loss of confidence for the next, book, article, manuscript or writing assignments that are needed to be done and this may result in time spending away from writing. This documented problem is an issue of many writers from the past and still, exist in the present day. The famous writer by the name of Herman Melville, who pens the classy book, “Moby Dick,” gave up writing completely after his magnificent work due to writer’s block. This dreaded controversy can strike any writer at any time and one day the writer may announce, “What’s the use”, and decide to take up farming the next day. However, this action does not happen in many cases, anyhow there are methods to combat it.

Strained Relationships

Being a writer can lead to relationship problems with one sweetheart, wives, husband and family life. A writer becomes so obsessed with the completion of the job at hand, therefore, tend to pay less attention to those who are important to them. When they are being interrupted during a job setting depending on how deep they are involved in their thinking process and anxiety to meet their deadline. Their attitude may go like, “Hold on until later, I need to meet this deadline” or “Later! Later!” while waving their hands to mean be gone with you.

Such attitude is negative to their closest friends and family members as this make them feel as if the door is closed in their faces, hence, it can result in a divorce procedure or the destruction of a relationship and family separation. Therefore, this is not exactly pretty.


There are more work-related problems in this field, unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid them but they can be controlled with the right approach, which should be embedded in one personality, attitude and mental process early before pursuing on the course of writing. When writer confidence grows the ego is extended, therefore, one should not become too involved in their writing include the anxiety for personal glory. So, you can see the writing is not an easy task include the consequences that come with this professional. Writing can be very rewarding plus it can open a new world of possibilities for the pursuers.

The fine art of writing is to engage, inform, inspire, thrill, ignites, express ideas, be creative and share the fruit of one communication skills with others. 

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