How To Think Like A Boss

The Good And Bad Personalities Of Different Bosses

The Boss at work

An individual that is in control of a number of employees and has responsibilities within certain capacities to establish decisions. Sometimes it refers to a supervisor, manager, director or the CEO.

The Boss is the owner or leader of a Private Enterprise or Government’s Operation with the responsibilities to make decisions. The word Boss is sometimes used to describe a Supervisor, Manager, Director or a CEO. However, the name is not a formal title but it assumes that one has power over all employees in any enterprises, departments includes sections of an establishment or all of an organization entries.

Dream of Ruling an Empire

If you possess the dream to become a King and rule over an empire, or you view the position of Boss as a career, then my friend it is time to think like a boss. It is great to be a king and anyone can build a kingdom on their own plus make their mark in this world include climbing the corporate ladder.
There are three types of bosses in this world and they can be classified as good, bad or a balance between both, such as the famous Dr. Jerky and Mr. Hyde. Let us have a look at the three characters and inspect their thinking process.

The Good Boss

The Good Boss has the personality of a priest who is devoted to love and make it a habit to ensure that employees feel comfortable and pleasant in their presence. They are more like teachers that continue to educate their employees with wisdom on the job. Their communication is clear, they connect their vision to daily tasks, set clear performance expectations, they provide consistent feedback and coaching, share on the job information and the employees feel like work is fun. The reward is awarded for good performance toward the workforce. This clear attitude from the Boss enables the workforce to perform better with a positive attitude and outlook.

The Bad Boss

The Bad Boss is one without empathy, devoid of feeling, hostilities toward the employee and seem to receive a sense of immense pleasure from observing others shake with fright in their presence with their thunderous voice. Their delight at the feeling they receive when they step upon the weak and hearing screams. They stretch and flex their muscles atop their domain while demonstrating an angry look include a heartless feeling toward the plight of the workers under their control. Their action is always nasty and so others know what to expect from them as they are usually scowling and show disinterest in messes that are made.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This split personality of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a balance between the Good Boss and the Bad Boss plus no one knows what to expect from the unpredictable personality of this sort of person. They are prone to annoying outburst which tends to send negative vibrations toward the employees who are under constant strain and tension. This impact the working relationship and the work environment, since the employees are unable to predict or determine how the boss will behave at different times, truss this undercut the productivity of the workforce include anxiety. The roles of the staff change at various times since the Boss is both nice and nasty they observe him as someone that cannot be trusted.


A boss should be a leader and be in charge of the workforce includes the whole company. He should enforce control, assign tasks and make important decisions, Led by example, be committed with a clear vision of the goal and objective of the establishment.
Build trust by adding value to your employee and make them feel like very important persons. In so doing they will put more value on you as a boss. Never scream at them for mistakes made, since the blame game kills motivation and it is a sure way to lose one best member of the workforce. See each mistake made as a learning experience by ensuring that they learn and do their best not to create the same mistake twice.

The Bad Bosses include The Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Bosses will cause:

• The best staff in the organization to flee
• Those who remain will lose their motivation
• Throw workers under the bus to make himself look good
• The employee is in constant stress and misery
• Work is drudgery within an atmosphere of fear
• The chances of a heart attack among staff are high
• The work environment is toxic
• The company and team morality are destroyed

The Good Boss does these things:

• Put the interest of the workers above their own personal interest
• Doing what is right for the good of all members of the team
• Take responsibility for the failure of projects conducted by the team
• Give encouragement
• Call each person by their name
• Encourage feedback
• Lead by example

By making these actions a part of yourself, conversely, you should someday be on your way to rule over your Kingdom or climb to the top of the Corporate ladder with this well-tested theory of how to think and boost yourself include lifting the spirit of your employee or those under your care with you as the manager or supervisor, with the proper motivation, and encouragement.

Adds the following actions to your formula and you shall be well on your way to be exact the boss.

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  1. This article has motivated me to someday be my own boss, and if you are planning to be your own boss one day this article is filled with tips on how to be a “Good boss”. Speaking from experience having a “bad boss” can cause you to underperform at work, so be the good boss. this will benefit you and company. 🙂

  2. For those who aspire to be a manager this is a great article.
    I can say because I work in the capacity of a manager in financial institution.
    Good work.

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